OriCell™ RespiAct

The Nature’s Treasure from the Soaring Highlands
Maximise the capacity of your lung volume with 100% pure
Cordyceps sinensis extract daily!

Why Choose OriCell™ RespiAct?

OriCell™ RespiAct is made up of 100% PURE Cordyceps sinensis extract, a well-known herb for relieving common respiratory problems such as chronic cough, excessive phlegm, asthma and bronchitis. Regular consumption of Cordyceps sinensis is also beneficial for people who are sensitive to allergens and pollutants, as it helps prevent and relieve allergic reactions.

Traditionally, people may boil Cordyceps sinensis under low heat and for a long period of time into tonic soups but now, OriCell™ RespiAct provides you a more convenient way to consume the highly rich and precious Cordyceps sinensis in a vegetable capsule form, excavating its maximum benefits as well as boosting up the immunity!

Why Is Cordyceps Sinensis So Precious, Scarce And Expensive?

2 pieces of Cordyceps sinensis (≈3g) cost approximately RM200!

  • Harvesting is only done in July every year.
  • Requires enormous patience, talent and safety measures to carefully collect at high altitudes.
  • The most expensive wild Cordyceps is from the Tibetan Plateau, which is about 3800m to 5000m above sea level (world’s highest and largest plateau)
  • Cultivating period of at least 2 to 3 years before harvesting.

Helps Relieve Upper Respiratory Symptoms

What is "Happy Hypoxia" and how do we prevent it?

Happy hypoxia happens when oxygen level in the blood falls below 94% without showing any signs or symptoms, such as shortness of breath and chest pain. People with happy hypoxia can still perform daily activities until the respiratory muscles are unable to compensate extra work as the receptors are numbed. Without knowing, the organs may deteriorate silently and thus, causing fatality.

To prevent happy hypoxia, it is recommended to always monitor the oxygen level in blood using an oximeter every 4 hours. Normal oxygen level in the blood should be between 94% to 99%.

Cordyceps sinensis help to increase the lung capacity and the oxygen level in the bloodstream, reducing the risk of happy hypoxia.

How does Cordyceps sinensis help with physical endurance?

After strenuous exercises, our muscles accumulate lactic acid which, too much will cause muscle ache. Supplementation of Cordyceps sinensis helps increase muscle recovery and as well as the ATP generation of mitochondria cells.

Source: Nagata, A., Tajima, T. and Uchida, M., 2006. Supplemental Anti-Fatigue Effects of Cordyceps sinensis (Tochu-Kaso) extract powder during Three Stepwise Exercise of Human.

OriCell™ RespiAct Also Helps To:

Protect and improve kidney functions
Improve sexual performance
Reduce the risk of prostate cancer
Regulate menstruation
Promote immune system
Prevent liver fibrosis
Protect heart vessels and muscle, regulate blood function and promote production of blood cells, improve blood flow

Tips On How To Nourish Your Lungs

Common Concerns

If you are required to follow a regular western medicine consumption, it is not recommended to consume your medicine with OriCell™ RespiAct. However, you can take OriCell™ RespiAct two hours after taking your western medicine.

  • People who have autoimmune diseases such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
  • Before a surgery.
  • People with bleeding disorders or taking anticoagulant drugs, as this may increase the risk of bleeding or easy bruising.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Source: Translational Biomedicine

Yes, studies have shown that Cordyceps sinensis is able to nourish the “yin” deficiency and helps in the recovery of kidney functions. Besides, it also benefits people with reduced kidney functions and under blood pressure medications.

No. OriCell™ RespiAct is naturally neutral, non-poisonous and possesses cooling and nourishing properties. It is not heaty as compared with other nutritional supplements. However, if you experience inflammation or fever, you may skip the consumption of OriCell™ RespiAct for a few days.