OriCell™ FizzC

Eternal Charm, Beautiful You!

What is OriCell™ Collagen Fizz?

OriCell™ Collagen FizzC is a German-formulated fizzy and refreshing collagen beverage that enhances vour skin complexion and defeat free radicals. The formulation is a combination of Type 1 marine collagen sourced from wild cods in the North Atlantic Ocean, Norway and rose petal extract from Japan.

As we age, productions of collagen starts to decline and we begin to notice facial fine lines. Synergistics effects of this combination:

  • skin firming
  • translucent skin
  • skin whitening
  • anti aging
  • healthier hair root & nails


What is sugar glycation

Sugar molecules bind to proteins and lipids throughout the body, form advanced glycation end products (AGEs) which damage skin’s collagen network. Damaged collagen network are unable to properly support the Structure of the skin, leading to wrinkles and other signs of accelerated aging. Therefore, supplementing with OriCell™ Collagen Fizz C daily is essential and sufficient to replenish the skin collagen.

Journal of medical Nutrition and Nutraceuticals

Synergistic and astonishing effects of combining collagen and vitamin C consumption on the skin. Women who took hydrolysed collagen supplement with Vitamin C are reported to have noteble synergistic effects in the reduction of wrinkles while improved in firmness, elasticity and skin hydration. Vitamin C also acts as a co-factor of collagen peptide that will enhance the absorption!

Delving deeper into the science behind OriCell™ Collagen FizzC on your skin!

Natural honey powder for Children

  • Brightening & Whitening Patented Ingredient from Japan
  • Protects skin from lipid oxidation
  • Rich source of anthocyanins, vitamin C and polyphenol
  • Ability to scavenge free radicals
  • Suppresses skin inflammation

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