OriCell™ Brilliante

Shine youthful glowing skin with NANO-ANTIOXIDANT!

Spain Formulated Nano-Antioxidants

Beauty & Health Beverage

OriCell™ Brilliant is a unique botanical beverage mix formulated in Spain, which utilizes extract from premium-quality pomegranates (Mollar de Eiche species) grown in Alicante, and equipped with the superior ADS® (Advanced Delivery System) nano-technology from France. This pomegranate extract is rich in polyphenol that has super antioxidant and whitening effects compared to other super fruits, protecting the dermal matrix.

The patented ADS® technology with it’s superior stability enables up to 40 times in health and beauty effects as compared to pomegranate juice. OriCell™ Brillianté drink is formulated with up to 40% polyphenols and 10% of punicalagin besides other

Research has shown that the ADS® nanotechnology is able to deliver the unique active components (anti-oxidants) into the bloodstream rapidly (# 10 minutes) & penetrate instantly through the mitochondria capitalizing the effect of microencapsulated components. This effect provides the mitochondria to produce more energy to improve muscular endurance and vitality.

Benefits of OriCell™ Brillianté

Additional benefits

  • Promotes healthy bowel movement and nourishes the gut health
  • Bowel movements will normally occur between 6 to 8 hours after consuming (Initial stage would be 2 to 4 times of bowel movements per day)
  • It is advisable to be patient when the gut undergoes detoxification, as occurence of bowel movements vary from person to person & consumption of liquid foods may not cause bowel movements

Additional Premium Ingredients

  • OriCell™ Brillianté is also safe for:
    – Individuals with heart complications
    – Women during menstruation period
  • Individuals who are on medication are required to consume OriCell™ Brillianté two hours after medication
  • Has stimulating effect and may accelerate bowel movements
  • It is advisable to consume OriCell™ Brillianté two hours after consumption of coffee / dairy products

Direction for use


Individuals with gastric ulcers are advised to consume after meals.