Tiox-C L-Glutathione Plus with Vit C

"Glutathione deficiency contributes to oxidative stress, which plays a key role in aging and the pathogenesis of many diseases."

Guoyao W. et al., 2004. Glutathione Metabolism and Its Implication for Health. J.Nutr. 134: 489-492.

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What Is Tiox-C? (BEST SELLER!!!)

Tiox-C provides 150mg L-Glutathione and 150mg Vitamin C. Is a MAL registered oral
L-Glutathione plus Vitamin C supplement. The source of L-Glutathione is from Japan.
With recognition from registrar, we are making a high quality of L-Glutathione plus Vitamin C capsule helps in maintaining healthy skin and help to remove blemishes and reduces pigmentations. We ensure quality, purity and consistency in each capsule. Each Tiox-C capsule consumed is a step to a healthier, radiant you.

Why Tiox-C?

Glutathione is used to promote healthy skin in the beauty industry. Whitening of the skin is a side effect of consuming L-Glutathione Tiox-C. Tiox-C provides you beauty from the INSIDE OUT.

Tiox-C is an ANTI OXIDANT that enhances all other anti oxidant in our body. With Tiox-C, absorption of all other vitamins and beauty regime will increase to meet our body's demand.

Glutathione level will start decreasing at age 20 and peak in decrease by age 60. Elderly who
sees change in skin pigmentations and decrease in health due to lack of L-Glutathione in the body. Tiox-C enhances body immune response by regulating and regenerating immune cell,
you can regain an excellent QUALITY OF LIFE with your family and friends.

Found in high concentrations in the liver, L-Glutathione detoxifies the body by binding foreign substances ie. alcohol, medications (drugs), heavy metals, (mercury/leads), pesticides, etc.

When and how to use Tiox-C?

One to two capsules daily, best taken an hour before meal, or one hour after meal. Radiant skin can be noticed as early as
2 - 4 weeks. There is no known overdose, effect of Tiox-C as your body constantly requires L-Glutathione. Gradually, you be walking with even tones and enjoy the compliment of RADIANT GLOW. Consuming Tiox-C together with Vit-C enhances the positive effect.

Why is vitamin C needed?

Vitamin C raised glutathione level and improves the overall antioxidant protection capacity in our body. L-Glutathione works more intracellular whereby Vitamin C mostly extracellular, though both coexist in both areas for better efficacy.

(Am J Clin Nutr 1993; 58: 103-5)

Long term use of TIOX-C will result in:

  • Firmer, radiant and youthful looking skin
  • Translucent and crystal clear skin
  • Reduce pigmentations and scars
  • Enhance immune response

Common Concerns

  1. Are the effects of Tiox-C permanent? Will my skin tone go back to its original tone once i stop consuming Tiox-C?

    It’s health & antioxidant effects are continuous, as it works on a cellular level, detoxifying you from inside out. Your body will continue to age naturally once you stop.

  2. Is Tiox-C a drug?

    Tiox-C is classified under health supplement and is generally safe for consumption.

  3. Are there any unwanted side effect from long term use of Tiox-C?

    There are no known side effect or interactions with administration of Tiox-C. The effect is healthy skin.

  4. What should I expect after starting Tiox-c?

    You should drink sufficient amount of water on a daily basis (8-10 glasses). Common occurrence such as stomach distention, foul stools and acne are part of your body getting detoxed. These are temporary so sit back, relax and enjoy a HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL, YOU.

  5. Is Tiox-C suitable for men?

    Yes. Both men and women are constantly in need of L-Glutathione as we age. Apart from radiant skin, we will benefit from enforced immune system even as we age.

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